Military Boots

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Playing With Boots

Boots can be a challenge in fashion. If you can’t pull it off correctly you’ll be up for some wardrobe malfunction. This does not only hold true with military boots like Belleville boots. military+bootsLeather boots with heels can also be challenging to pull-off.

This is why it is really important for you to be choosy and careful when it comes to picking out your boots and matching them up with your outfits. You’ll need a lot of style juices in order to find the perfect matches.

But it can be a great style booster if you use it right. Boots can be used as very good accents if you know how to mix and match it. Here’s a guide to mixing and matching the items in your closet to the Belleville boots in your shoe rack:

1. Go rugged- Boots can never go wrong with rugged styles. You can pick any shirt and some denims for your bottoms. Just add a little spice with some bangles or a cool necklace.

2. Rock it up- All sorts of boots can be used to fix up a rock outfit. Try putting on some tank tops, a black leather jacket and jeans. Top it off with some blings and you are good to go. For more information belleville boots please visit here.

3. Go punky-Put on some pale makeup with dark eyeliners and pair it with some worn out denims. This outfit goes well with hi-cut combat or leather boots.

4.The classy cut-Boots are not restricted for rugged styles. You can pair up leather boots or even dark-colored combat boots with a plaid wrap-around or coat along with skin tight jeans or leggings.

5.Go girly-Boots are more versatile than you think. These rugged pair of shoes can be worn with girly styles. It can go well with floral dresses or blouses.

But before you mix and match your attires tou need to find the right pair of boots. There are actually a lot of shoe brands that have boots in their selections. To ensure quality and price, it’s best to choose top brands like Belleville boots. From trusted retailers.

Who defines national interest? (Dawn-All-News)

WHEN General Kayani said recently that no institution or individual had a
monopoly on defining the national interest, he failed to mention that for
decades, the military establishment has enjoyed precisely this unilateral
control over Pakistan’s destiny


military boots

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My Style How To: Combat Boots/ Military Boots

Frequently Asked Questions...

What happens after you are done with a military boot camp?

What happens after you are done with a military boot camp?
Do they send you to war?

Best Answer...


No you dont go to war..There is no rush and there is no desperate need for troops to fight..

After boot camp or basic you go to your schooling and then you go to your permanent unit..

Once at your unit you train until it deploys or you train and never deploy..

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