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Corcoran Jump Boots

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brown corcoran jump boots

Frequently Asked Questions...

ww2 soldiers equipment?

What was the typical german, russian, british, us etc
carrying around with them and how heavy was the bags
what type of uniforms and weapons did they use as well
and who had the best gear overall.

Best Answer...


The typical American soldier in WW2 wore the following items:

M-1 Helmet
M1941 "Parsons" Field Jacket
HBT Uniform Set (usually a wool flannel shirt and wool OD trousers)
Service Shoes, Type II or RRough-out
M1938 Leggings
Trouser Belt
First Aid Pouch
M1938 Haversack
M1923 Cartridge Belt
M1936 Suspenders
M1941 T-Handle Shovel with cover
M1910 Canteen with cover

A Paratrooper on the other hand wore:

M-1C Paratrooper Helmet
Parachute First Aid Packet
M1942 Jump Uniform, (Jacket and Trouser)
Corcoran Jump Boots (Brown)
US trouser belt
M1923 Cartridge Belt
M1936 or M1943 Suspenders
First Aid Pouch
M1936 Musette Bag
T-Handle Shovel or M1943 Folding SHovel
M1910 Canteen with cover

SUbstitutions were made according to the type of weapon the soldier carried; like the M1923 Cartridge Belt would be replaced by an M1936 Pistol Belt if he carried an M1 Thompson, an M1 Carbine, an M3 Grease Gun or an M1919A4 .30 caliber Browning LMG or an M1A1 Bazooka along with an M1911A1 Pistol; in the case of the M1918A2 BAR, the soldier would wear a BAR Belt with pouches for six BAR magazines.

Additional pieces of gear (or Kit as the Brits call it), were used, such as ammo bandoleers, Utility bags, rigger made pouches (in the case of Paratroopers) or even captured pieces of gear.

I cannot say who has the best gear because the uniforms and gear were designed for wear and not really much in the way of concealment; the concept of camouflage was first used a lot by the Germans with the camo smocks and parkas they issued to their more elite units, such as the SS and the Fallschirmjäger (Airborne Troops).

The British also used camouflage smocks which were used maily by their Paratroops and Commando units. The US Amry did have some camouflage uniforms, maily M42 Paratrooper uniforms and the P42 and P44 used by the Marines (mostly used by Para-Marines and by regular Marines in items such as helmet covers, shelterhalf tents and rain parkas), but these came late in the war (1944/45) and were not widely used.

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