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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I wear my new web belt?

I bought a new belt, but I'm not completely sure how it's supposed to be worn. It's a canvas web belt, and the end has two metal loops on it, like in this picture: http://www.ipathjapan-bmxteam.com/mt/clothing/images/IY7057_nepal_web_belt.jpg (this is not my belt).

Best Answer...


A cute way to wear it is to put on a fitted shirt or blouse and put the belt over them. You can also pull it through your jeans if it will fit. You put it on by pulling the belt through both loops then go back over th loops on the other side and only go through and under the second loop. Then tighten. Hope that helps. It does look great on people at the waist. Makes people look thinner.