Wwii Wounded

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As a child did you have someone in their senior years that touched your life?

I remember a great man ( Mr. Mazza ) who owned a mens shoe store and on a dare (I was about ten ) went in to try on shoes . With a great sense of humor he brought me out shoes . I liked him so much that I never passed his store all the way into my twenties without stopping to talk with him . If you had one , who was yours ?
Nope halfdrawn , your humor is not to dark : )

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They weren't elderly by any means but to a 7 year-old they were old.
When I was around 7 or 8 (1950 era) my friends and I would climb all over the framework of multistory apartments being built nearby. The security guard (a black WWII wounded veteran) named TC would yell at us to come down, then he would pile us into the bed of his pickup truck and drive to his nearby trailer where his wife Alicia would feed us milk and fresh baked cookies as TC told us his war stories. Two nicer people never lived.
Then I would go home where my parents constantly talked about how bad and inferior blacks were.
God Bless TC and Alicia for showing me and my friends that discrimination is for the ignorant. I doubt TC and Alicia ever knew the positive impact they had on us, but they have always had a special place in my heart.